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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Never Wash His Hands

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The artist’s name is Guido Daniele.

      Guido Daniele was born in Soverato, Italy and now lives and works in Milan. He attended Brera Artistic High School and graduated from Brera School of Arts in 1972.

      After graduating, he lived in India where he attended the Tankas school in Dharamsala. Since 1968, Guido has been painting and participating in individual and group art exhibitions. In 1972 he started working as a hyper-realistic illustrator working with major editing and advertising companies and began testing different painting techniques. Since 1986 he has been airbrush painting and paints backdrops for magazine layouts and print advertising, television commercials and television programs. Guido also creates trompe l'oiel, both for private homes and public buildings.

      In 1990, Guido added a new artistic experience to his previous ones: body painting. He paints models' bodies for advertising, commercials, fashion shows and exhibitions. His personal artistic research has recently led him to combine two traditional portrait techniques: photography and oil painting.

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