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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Cute Animal Expressions - Gud 1!!!

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These pics are really cute and expressive... especially to the animal lovers' out there... 

I told you, don't pull my ears, didn't I? 

I've got my hair cut done at the famous hair saloon across the road!

You are too young for my spring chicken meal...  

 My new toilet bowl

 Woo...high tide, don't block my way! 

 I am still sleepy, hmmm 

kongfu fighting. don't even try! 

 This has got nothing to do with the length of my tongue 

 hehehe....   The new Titanic  

My dear, let us celebrate after my face-lift 

I have to work harder to feed a big family of 20

Didn't she know I won't get any taller?

 Oh God! Please take me with you! I can't live any longer without him! 

Is this child is yours???

 I knew it! You love the bear more than me! 


 Please papa, don't leave me behind 

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